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Helper method for building an iMesh instance that can be used for the purposes of visualising the boundaries of iExpanded2DObstacles instances.


std::unique_ptr<iMesh> buildExpanded2DObstaclesContainerMesh(const iExpanded2DObstacles& preExpanded, iShape& expandShape)


preExpanded The Interface iExpanded2DObstacles instance for which a container mesh should be built.
expandShape An expansion shape for generating unobstructed space preprocess. This must have exactly the same vertex coordinates as the shape originally used to generate the iExpanded2DObstacles instance.

Return Value

A newly constructed square Interface iMesh object that contains the expanded obstacle boundaries.


As well as a simple square mesh, this method also generates unobstructed space boundaries, which include the pre-expanded boundaries from the iExpanded2DObstacles instance.

If you don't have the expansion shape coordinates originally supplied when building the iExpanded2DObstacles instance, then you can use iPathEngine::newShape_FromExpanded2DObstacles() to generate a suitable expansion shape.

C# Mapping

Mesh buildExpanded2DObstaclesContainerMesh(Expanded2DObstacles preExpanded, Shape expandShape);

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