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Interface iExpanded2DObstacles


A chunk of combined and preexpanded 2D obstacles that can later be included in mesh unobstructed space in certain, fairly specific, content flows.

This interface is defined in SDKRoot/code/externalAPI/i_pathengine.h.

This class can be used, together, with iMesh::generateUnobstructedSpaceFor_WithPreExpanded(), to support situations where there are very large numbers of obstacles, and it is desirable to cache combined and expanded chunks of obstacles, notably with the possibility to perform edge optimisations on the combined boundaries before the obstacles are added to mesh unosbtructed space.



Increments the internal reference count for this API object.


Increments the internal reference count for this API object.


Returns coordinates for the expand shape that was used to generate this object.


Enables you to check whether there are any outstanding references on this object, other than the interface reference through which you are calling, and therefore whether this object will actually be deleted if you call it's release method.


Releases the API object pointer.


A helper method for drawing the expanded and combined boundaries.


Saves the expanded obstacles to persistent storage.

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