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3D Content Processing

PathEngine's 3D content processing operates on a three-dimensional representation of a set of objects in a scene, and generates a ground mesh based on the walkable surfaces in this scene, with agent height taken into account.

Note that, in order to access this functionality, content applications need to link against a separate content processing dll (or an additional static lib, in the case of direct linkage).

In addition to this documention, see also the 3D content processing example project and the 3D Content Processing Demo.


Process Overview
Input Representation
Linking with the 3D Content Processing
Running the 3D Processing
BSP and Voxel Based Processing Methods
3D Content Processing Parameters
3D Content Processing Options
Choosing Voxel Processing Parameters
Tiled 3D Content Processing
Performance Considerations
Generating Convex Solids
Building from Physics Scene Data

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