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3D Content Processing Parameters

The following basic parameters are used to control the exact behaviour of the 3D content processing functionality:


The height of the pathfinding agent.
Ground with vertical clearance below this value will be removed from the ground mesh result.
Must be greater than zero, and less than 8191.


This option has slightly different semantics depending on the processing method being used.

With the BSP processing method:
The ground mesh result will connect across exactly vertical ground discontinuities (such as step risers) for which the vertical distance is less than this value.
(See Steps and Staircases.)
For exactly vertical faces this is applied in a precise geometric manner, with the sides of ramped features being split at the specified step height, and a connection made to the lower part of the ramp.
This value is also applied during the removal of steep faces, to prevent the removal of small steep faces or groups of small steep faces, but using a more heuristic approach.

With the voxels processing method:
This value is applied directly to determine connectivity between cells in the intermediate voxel representation.
Voxel size, maximum slope, and maximum step height should then be chosen carefully in order to avoid disconnects being introduced where steep faces cross multiple voxels.
(See Choosing Voxel Processing Parameters.)


The maximum slope permitted for walkable ground, expressed as the amount risen vertically for 100 units of horizontal travel.
(So a value of 100 corresponds to a 45 degree slope, and a value of 200 to a slope of about 63 degrees.)

Must be >= -1, with a value of -1 turning off steep face removal.

Note that this maximum slope value is applied according to the slope of the source geometry element mapped to a given position in the ground result (not local slope in the intermediate voxel representation, in the case of voxel based processing).

It is possible to apply a separate slope value in terrain areas, by specifying a 'maxSlopeOnTerrain' 3D content processing option

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