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Intended for use when building content. Places an obstacle that can later be retrieved as an agent.


void storeNamedObstacle(const char* id, iAgent& agent);


id A unique ID for the obstacle.
This pointer is not retained after the method exits and may subsequently be safely deleted.
agent An agent encapsulating the obstacle to be stored.


The relevant information is extracted from the agent, so the agent can subsequently be deleted with no problem.
This also means that subsequent changes to the agent do not affect the stored information.

Note that this method is provided simply as a way of attaching information about content placement to a ground mesh.
Fixed obstacles that are attached to a mesh do not have any effect on collision or pathfinding queries unless those obstacles are manually retrieved and added to a collision context.

See Also

iMesh::retrieveNamedObstacle(), iMesh::getNumberOfNamedObstacles(), iMesh::retrieveNamedObstacleByIndex(), iMesh::clearAllNamedObstacles()

C# Mapping

void storeNamedObstacle(string id, Agent agent);

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