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Used for iterating through fixed obstacles.


void retrieveNamedObstacleByIndex(int32_t index, std::unique_ptr<iAgent>& agent, const char*& id) const


index Enumerating index.
agent This returns a pointer to a newly constructed agent encapsulating the fixed obstacle.
id This will be set to a pointer to a C string containing the obstacle's content ID.
The string pointed to may be invalidated if changes are subsequently made to the set of fixed obstacles stored.


Retrieving a fixed obstacle does not remove the fixed obstacle from the set of fixed obstacles stored with a mesh.

See Also

iMesh::storeNamedObstacle(), iMesh::getNumberOfNamedObstacles()

C# Mapping

void retrieveNamedObstacleByIndex(int index, out Agent agent, out string id);

Java Mapping

void retrieveNamedObstacleByIndex(int index, Object_OutArgument agent, Object_OutArgument id);

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