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Constructs an Interface iAgent object to represent placement of an obstacle on this mesh.
This version doesn't require a root position, with the obstacle then applying to all ground layers overlapping the obstacle horizontally.


std::unique_ptr<iAgent> placeLargeStatic2DObstacle(int32_t const * shapeCoordinates_Buffer, uint32_t shapeCoordinates_BufferEntries) const


shapeCoordinates_Buffer, shapeCoordinates_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) A sequence of x and y coordinate value pairs for the shape.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iAgent object for the placed obstruction.
Note that this returned agent can only be used as an obstruction, i.e. the agent cannot subsequently be moved, and collision and pathfinding queries cannot be made for the agent, but the agent can be included in collision contexts and burnt into meshes.


This obstacle placement method is provided for cases where obstacles don't need to be limited with respect to overlapping ground layers. No root position is required, and the obstacle will then obstruct all ground layers that overlap the obstacle horizontally.

The shape coordinates passed in are in pathfinding 'world coordinates'.

The shape passed in is subject to validation constraints, similar to the constraints on iShape creation, but with a much larger permitted range.
Refer to Shape Validation for details.

If there is a possibility that the coordinates to be passed in to this method may not be valid with respect to these constraints then this should be checked with iPathEngine::largeStatic2DObstacleShapeIsValid() before calling this method.

Some discussion of PathEngine's runtime shape management functionality, in general, can be found here.

See Also

iMesh::placeLargeStaticObstacle(), iMesh::placeAgent(), iMesh::placeProjected3DObstruction()

C# Mapping

Agent placeLargeStatic2DObstacle(int[] shapeCoordinates);

Java Mapping

Agent placeLargeStatic2DObstacle(int[] shapeCoordinates);

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