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Provided to enable Interface iPath objects to be constructed directly from a sequence of positions.


std::unique_ptr<iPath> constructPath(cPosition const * positions_Buffer, uint32_t positions_BufferEntries, int32_t const * connectionIndices_Buffer, uint32_t connectionIndices_BufferEntries) const


positions_Buffer, positions_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) A sequence of positions to be used to construct the path. Must be non-empty. The number of positions supplied determines path length.
connectionIndices_Buffer, connectionIndices_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) A sequence of connection indices, corresponding to off-mesh connections, to be used to construct the path. This can be empty to indicate that the path contains no off-mesh connections, or if non-empty must contain exactly path length - 1 entries.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iPath object.


The created Interface iPath can be explicitly deleted when no longer required, but will also be deleted when this mesh is released. In either case the pointer can no longer be used.

Refer to Working with Off‑Mesh Connections for more information about connection indices.

See Also

iMesh::copyPath(), iMesh::reversePath(), iMesh::findShortestPath()

C# Mapping

Path constructPath(PathEngine.Position[] positions, int[] connectionIndices);

Java Mapping

Path constructPath(Position[] positions, int[] connectionIndices);

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