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Releases the PathEngine root interface object (static and Linux .so linkage).


This function is defined in 'SDKRoot/interface/PathEngine_DirectLinkage.h', (included in the source code archives), as follows:
extern "C"
	void PathEngine_ShutDown();


This function is provided to enable the PathEngine root interface object to be explicitly released, in the case of either direct linkage to PathEngine as a set of static libraries, or Linux shared object linkage.
In the case of DLL linkage this method is not available, and the SDK can instead be shutdown when desired by unloading the PathEngine dll.

The host OS will generally take care of cleaning up all allocated resources on process completion, but this method may be called to release resources allocated by PathEngine before process completion, if this is required.

The root interface object will only actually be destroyed if no references to dependent objects are held (see Ownership and Lifetimes).

Note that in certain cases it is possible for memory to be allocated by third party code (such as a compiler supplied standard C library) for things like internal pooling or caching, so in these cases it is possible for some memory to remain allocated after shutdown.

This function should only be called when the SDK has been initialised (with PathEngine_InitialiseAndObtainRootInterface) and when the root interface object has not already been released.

This function must be called from the main thread.

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