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Initialises PathEngine and returns the root interface pointer (static and Linux .so linkage).


This function is defined in 'SDKRoot/interface/PathEngine_DirectLinkage.h', (included in the source code archives), as follows:
extern "C"
PathEngine_InitialiseAndObtainRootInterface(iErrorHandler* handler);


handler A pointer to an object PathEngine will call to handle errors. This pointer must remain valid until PathEngine is shut down.

Return Value

A pointer to the Interface iPathEngine interface, providing access the core PathEngine run-time functionality.


This function is provided for SDK initialisation in the case of either direct linkage to PathEngine as a set of static libraries, or Linux shared object linkage.
Refer to Linking with the SDK for more information about different ways of linking with the SDK.

Normally this function should be called just once, but the SDK can be shut down explicitly, if desired, by calling PathEngine_ShutDown.
After explicit shutdown, it is then possible to call PathEngine_InitialiseAndObtainRootInterface() again, to reinitialise the SDK.

This function must be called from the main thread.

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