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Options overview

Common options


This enables you to work with a unit scale for 'PathEngine coordinates' that is different from the unit setup in Maya, in case this is required.
Geometry is multiplied by this value on export, and divided by this value on import.
For an explanation about the issues relating to scaling and unit setup, refer to Integer Coordinates and Approximation.

Controlling file type and format

The file type and format being exported are, by default, determined from the file name specified for export, as listed in the exporter UI.
This can be overridden, if desired, by enabling the 'Select file type and format manually' checkbox, and then selecting the relevant radio button.

Ground mesh export should be chosen to export the entire scene directly to a PathEngine 'ground mesh' file that can be loaded directly in to the PathEngine run-time.

Content chunk export should be chosen if you are exporting the markup associated with a chunk of geometry (such as a building) that will later be placed into the world with another content tool.

(Refer to this page for more explanation about these two content approaches.)

'Source content snapshot' export essentially extracts all the information from the scene that is required for ground mesh export, and then saves this out before PathEngine's content processing functionality is applied.
This format can be used, then, to enable any bugs or issues in the content processing to be repeated easily.

XML and tokenised XML versions of a format both store exactly the same information. XML has the advantage that it can be opened and analysed easily in text editors (or dedicated XML editors) whereas tokenised XML is more concise.

Ground mesh export options

Add mapping to 2d

When this option is enabled, a 'mapping to 2d' is generated and saved out with the ground mesh.
This will increase file size, but can significantly decrease mesh loading times in situations where there is a great deal of height detail, and also helps ensure that run-time positions on a mesh remain valid across versions of the SDK.

Filter faces above the following max slope

When this option is enabled, faces above the specified slope will be treated as holes in the ground mesh.
This can be useful as a quick way of making features such as cliffs in a terrain obstruct movement.

Optimise external edges

When this option is enabled, PathEngine will attempt to reduce the complexity of external edges of a mesh, whilst keeping the resulting geometry within the specified distance of the original mesh.
This is particularly important in the case where the automated building entrance connection feature is being used, because this can otherwise potentially add a lot of additional edge complexity where 'building external shapes' are cut out of the mesh beneath building entrances.

Content chunk export options


When this checkbox is enabled, content chunks will be 'pre-validated' at a fixed set of rotations.
This enables validation errors to be caught directly on content chunk export instead of when the content chunk is instantiated later on in the content chain.
The maximum scale value specifies the maximum scale which will be assigned to the chunk at instantiation.
The instantiation range value specifies the range over which content chunks will be placed.

Import options

Anchor height

When importing ground meshes, PathEngine converts from an unambiguous run-time position representation to a potentially ambiguous 'content anchor' representation based on a vertical line which intersects the ground mesh.
This value determines the height by which this vertical line extends above and below the mesh.
Setting this value too low will result in anchors being harder to see, and more sensitive to changes in the mesh surface.
Setting this value too high will result in anchors potentially intersecting more than one layer of ground and therefore failing to resolve on re-export.

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