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Adds the set of anchors and shapes associated with this content chunk instance to the specified mesh.


void addAnchorsAndShapes(iMesh& mesh, const char* idPrefix, int32_t numberOfTerrainLayers) const;


mesh The mesh to which anchors and shapes should be added.
idPrefix A C string to be prefixed to the ID for any anchors and named obstacles placed.
numberOfTerrainLayers The range of sectionID values reserved for terrain stand-in geometry.
Reserved sectionID values start at zero, so passing 1 into this attribute reserves sectionID of zero for terrain.
Anchors which are not specifically marked as 'terrain anchors' will not resolve to faces with sectionID attributes in the reserved range.


Anchors with no name (i.e. anchors for which iAnchorsAndPinnedShapes::anchor_Name() returns an empty string) are considered 'anonymous anchors'.
These may be used to pin shapes to the mesh, but are not themselves added as named anchors.

C# Mapping

void addAnchorsAndShapes(Mesh mesh, string idPrefix, int numberOfTerrainLayers);

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