The best way to get an idea about what the SDK can offer is through an official evaluation, which then includes technical support in addition to access to the full SDK archive, but a number of the SDK examples can also be run from the publically available 'testbed-only' and playable demo archives.

The 3D content processing demo

agent and path through 3D scene
Pathfinding over a ground mesh generated from fully 3D source data.

This demo shows PathEngine's powerful 3D content processing automation in action.
A example scene is constructed out of fully 3D objects which can then be moved around freely, through a basic UI, with automatic pathfinding markup generation then applied for agent pathfinding and movement through the scene.

Note that the demo has now been updated to demonstrate the new 'tile by tile' 3D content processing setup.
(Tiled content processing result pieces are cached after the first markup generation step, and reused so that only parts of the scene local to modified content subsequently needs to be regenerated.)

For more information about this demo please refer to this section in our online SDK documentation.

The playable demo

The playable demo is a small playable game, built inside the PathEngine testbed, to show the SDK in action and to demonstrate application of the SDK for a number of different game-play features.

Full source code for the demo is publically available, including a modifiable game script and content.

More information about this demo is available in this section of our online SDK documentation.

The 'semi-dynamic obstacles' example project

A screenshot of the semi-dynamic obstacles example project.

This example project shows how to use a double buffering technique for fast pathfinding against large numbers of run-time editable obstacles.

The source code for this example project is included with both SDK archives, with the possibility to modify the example project to add additional timings or benchmarks, or to experiment with different aspects of the technique presented.

More information about this example project is available in this section of our online SDK documentation.

Other tutorials and example projects

The SDK also includes tutorial projects, to demonstrate the basic steps involved in run-time integration with the SDK, and quite a few other example projects including things like linkage examples, benchmarks, stress tests, multithreading use-cases, and so on.

Obtaining the SDK and demo archives

The SDK and demo archives can be found on the downloads page.

(The full version of the SDK requires an active licensee or evalution account but a 'testbed-only' version of the SDK can be downloaded without any login required.)