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The Playable Demo


Documentation for the PathEngine playable demo.

The playable demo demonstrates application of the SDK to a small game, built within the confines of the PathEngine testbed.

Please note that this demo is not intended as a performance test, and doesn't stretch the limits of application of the SDK in any way, with there also having been some very significant performance improvements to the underlying SDK since the demo was made.

The demo is also not a masterpiece of game design, and makes a bunch of basic design mistakes, but nevertheless shows how to build some useful concrete behaviours. The demo is probably a bit too hard in places, but it can certainly be completed, and the most interesting bit is then probably the final level.

Full source code is provided, and this can be modified and rebuilt without requiring access to PathEngine's internal libs, or the standalone run-time dll.

Obtaining and running the demo
How to play
Script and content modifications
Obtaining and building the source

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