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Setting section IDs

Faces in PathEngine meshes can be marked as belonging to numbered 'sections'.
This can be used, for example, to identify 'terrain layers' within a mesh.
(See Ground Attributes and Stripping Height Detail out of Terrain Areas for details.)

The exporter enables faces to be marked as belonging to sections 0 through 254 (so 255 sections) by setting face vertex colours to varying levels of green.

To mark faces as belonging to section 0, set the vertex colours (for all vertices in the relevant faces) to full green. This section is commonly associated with a terrain callback in the case where as single terrain layer is present.

Reducing the green component enables other sectionIDs to be set.
Specifically, the section ID face attribute is determined by sectionID = 255 - greenComponent.

If you are using this feature, ensure that the 'Set sectionIDs' checkbox is enabled on export.

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