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A memory footprint benchmark.
Generates preprocess for some benchmark meshes and displays the amount of memory used.

Note that this example requires the stand-alone PathEngine dll, and is not included in the base 'testbed only' package.

The application will run in the background and display memory use statistics each time preprocess generation is completed.
Click ok to move on to the next mesh or to exit the application.

What this benchmark measures

This benchmark measures the total memory allocated by PathEngine at various stages in loading and preprocessing a mesh for pathfinding.

Allocation hooks

PathEngines memory allocation hook mechanism is used to gather the memory, and so this example serves as a demonstration for how to use this memory allocation hooks mechanism.

Note that the actual allocator class used tracks more statistics that are displayed by the benchmark, and it should be straightforward to display additional statistics or use the supplied code to gather statistics in other situations if desired.

Benchmark results, and other related information

At the time of writing, some additional information about this benchmark example can be found on the PathEngine website, at the following URLS:

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