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An example application for generating the set of setup and query time benchmarks posted on the PathEngine website.

Running the benchmark

See Project Setup and Launchers for general information about running the example projects.
(The speed benchmark is the project named 'Benchmark'.)

Use the appropriate launcher to start this project. This will start the benchmark running under the PathEngine testbed.

Use the space bar to step through the benchmark environment meshes. (You can also use the standard testbed navigation controls to move around and get a better idea about each environent, see Working with the TestBed for more information about these navigation controls.)

What this benchmark measures

This benchmark measures times for loading meshes, times for preprocess generation, and then query times for pathfinding against those meshes.
Pathfinding query times are measured for both completely static situations, and also situations with varying numbers of dynamic obstacles placed.
(Note that you can also get some timings for pathfinding with very dynamic obstacle placement from the semi dynamic obstacles example project.)

Benchmark results, and other related information

At the time of writing, some additional information about this benchmark example can be found on the PathEngine website, at the following URLS:

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