Some things our clients have said about PathEngine:

"PathEngine was fantastically easy to integrate into our game and has given us exactly the kind of navigation results we were looking for. We found the interface to be clean and simple yet powerful enough to stand up to our most rigorous tests."

- Tim Swann, Lead Gameplay Programmer, Lionhead

"PathEngine deals superbly with Stronghold 3's very exacting pathing requirements. No other routing engine would cope with such outrageous demands.

We have found PathEngine's support to be first class, with a very quick response to feature requests."

- Simon Bradbury, Designer Stronghold3, Firefly Studios

"We are very impressed with the quality of paths generated by PathEngine. They are smooth and natural, and require no tweaking to create realistic character movement. PathEngine really raises the bar in this area.

The performance of PathEngine is so good that it works for dynamic object avoidance as well as basic pathfinding. As a result, our movement system implementation has been greatly simplified.

The PathEngine staff is fantastic to work with. Support for integration of the product, and for improvements and enhancements has consistently exceeded our expectations."

- Paul Chieffo, Director of Technology, IronLore Entertainment

"We use PathEngine on both server and client side of Granado Espada and I'm happy to recommend this as a very robust and effective solution for MMORPGs.

We are currently in open beta testing and have seen very large numbers of concurrent users with no problem on the PathEngine side."

- Hakkyu Kim, CEO, IMC Games

"Before we chose PathEngine for Wish, we thoroughly investigated all available solutions in the market. There was nothing that could even get close to what PathEngine has to offer, so the choice was clear. PathEngine is simply the most robust, performant, and scalable pathfinding solution available. Thanks to a flexible architecture, as well as outstanding support and consulting services, PathEngine seamlessly integrates with our ultra-massive multiplayer technology."

- Marc Laukien, President and Founder, Mutable Realms and ZeroC

"What a good fortune to have seen PathEngine! I know that this is the best pathfinding algorithm and the best library on the market."

- Sung-Bock Hong, Technical Director, Enium Corporation

"We are using PathEngine for our upcoming high seas MMP, Pirates of the Burning Sea. It was a breeze to integrate and has been fast and stable. The support is excellent, as well. The ability to send a PathEngine mesh to support to help solve a problem has proved invaluable on multiple occasions. I would recommend it for any game that needs to move characters around on the ground."

- Joe Ludwig, Lead Programmer, Flying Lab Software

"PathEngine is working very robustly, which does the trick for us - add +1 to the group of very satisfied customers. Cheers for such a great work. :)"

- Milan Bulat, Lead Programmer / R&D, 3d-io GmbH.


Screenshots for some games using PathEngine can be found here.


See Showcase - Wish for more information about how PathEngine was applied by Mutable Realms in one of the first large scale single shard MMO implementations to provide robust pathfinding seamlessly over a very large game world.