PathEngine is available in packages with or without source code access, as follows:

Binaries only Full source
Prices start from: 3800 euros 14000 euros
Royalty free yes yes
License term unlimited unlimited
Initial support term 6 months 6 months
3D content processing yes yes
Tool and interface layer source code no yes
Can control memory and interface checking instrumentation no yes
Core source code no yes
Possibility for special builds (e.g. single threaded, full release) no yes


  • All packages are fixed fee, with no royalty component, and with unlimited licence term (i.e. the rights to distribute with your product do not expire).
  • All packages include access to all SDK upgrades (both major and minor) released during the support term.
  • Package types cannot be mixed. (So it's not possible to purchase a full source licence for a first product and then a binary licence for a second.)
  • Prices are for the games sector and include labelling requirements.
  • Licensing is for both development and redistribution, and a 6 month minimum development period between licensing and product release may be required.
  • Initial support term duration counts from immediately after evaluation.
  • Prices quoted are valid for licensing until the end of first quarter 2022.
  • Reductions are possible when licensing for multiple products simultaneously, or for titles with territory or pricing restrictions (please ask, for details).

Binary only licensing

The binary package includes all SDK functionalty, and all benchmarks (our benchmarks are run against this package), but this package does include some default instrumentation that can be turned off with the source packages for better performance.

Binary packages are available for the Windows-x86 and Windows-x64 platform targets.

Package Platform targets Cost, single product
Binaries only 1 platform, Windows-x86 or Windows-x64 3800 euros
Binaries only 2 platforms, Windows-x86 and Windows-x64 6400 euros

Full source licensing

The full source packages include all source code required to build the PathEngine DLL, TestBed, and content tools.

This makes it possible to customise all aspects of the SDK, make special builds, turn on and off API checking and memory instrumentation, statically link with the SDK without linkage constraints, and so on.

Platform targets

Platform targets are defined in terms of target OS type and processor architecture, with build configuration and optimised platform specific components currently available for the following platforms:

  • Windows, x86
  • Windows, x64
  • Linux/FreeBSD, x86
  • Linux/FreeBSD, x64
  • Xbox 360
  • Cell BE platforms / PS3
  • Xbox One

The SDK has also been ported to the PS4, Android and Mac OS X. (Please ask for additional details.)

Package Platform targets Cost, single product
Full source Single platform 14000 euros
Full source Two platforms 19000 euros
Full source Three platforms 22000 euros
Full source All supported platforms 26000 euros


Support is by email and includes technical support (in the form of responses to queries about how the SDK works and how to integrate the SDK effectively with the licensed project), troubleshooting, warranty, and access to upgrades (for both major and minor SDK releases).

When licensing after an evaluation please note that the initial support term starts the day after the expiry of the evaluation period, regardless of the actual date of licence purchase.

Prices for support term renewal are as follows:

Renewal duration Cost
6 months 1800 euros
12 months 2900 euros

Additional support can also be provided in the form of application specific consulting and customisation. (Please ask, for more details.)


Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

  • For entities inside France: VAT at 20 percent will be added to the invoiced amount.
  • For entities inside the European Union (but outside France): if you are registered for VAT, and can provide us with a valid EU VAT number then we will invoice you without VAT, otherwise VAT (at 20 percent) will be added to the invoiced amount.
  • For entities outside the European Union: VAT will not be invoiced.

Contact details

Contact details can be found on this page.

Who's using the engine?

For a list of developers already licensing the SDK see this page.

Requesting an evaluation

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