Changes for release 5.24

Bug fixes

Added a check to catch certain situations where MFnNurbsCurve::form() failed when processing anchors.
(The exporter will now skip these anchors gracefully.)

Fixed a problem where non-terrain anchors would not resolve when points for the first segment were in decreasing height order. (The exporter will now reverse the resolve heights order, as necessary.)

Changes for release 5.19

Bug fixes

Fixes a bug with shape validation not catching the (very rare) non-convex case where the last two and first vertices of the shape form exactly inline edges.

Fixes a bug with scale values below 1 not being permitted by the scale input box in the exporter options dialog.

Maya's working unit is now taken into account, where the exporter was previously reading and writing coordinate data purely in Maya's internal units (with exported values not matching values seen through the UI when working unit was set to anything other than the default of 1 centimetre).
Coordinate values are now converted to working (or 'UI') units on export, and back from working (or 'UI') units on import.
A checkbox has been added to enable fall-back to the previous behaviour, where necessary for compatibility reasons.

Improved pinned shape root position management

When processing pinned shapes PathEngine will now attempt to resolve situations with invalid shape root positions by generating positions based on shape boundary coordinates and traversal through the ground mesh.

In practice this means that pinned shape root positions no longer have to be inside the shape polygon, in most cases, and in many cases a single anchor can be used to root clusters of shapes.

Support for external shape and portal constructs without 'internal floor'

PathEngine now permits external shape and portal constructs without any connection to building internal floor.
This makes it much more straightforward to apply PathEngine's building entrance automation functionality for more general building cases such as buildings with external shapes but no internal floor, or simply as an alternative to clusters of pinned shapes for arbitrary non-convex obstacles.

Changes for release 5.16

Source content snapshots

Options affecting the 2D content processing are now saved out with source content snapshots.

Changes for release 5.14.1

Bug fixes

Fixes a bug which prevented content chunks with pinned shapes but no ground component from being exported.

Changes for release 5.12

Bug fixes

Fixes a problem where the exporter would not include objects nested inside selected groups in the export, when using 'export selected'.

Changes for release 5.09

Bug fixes

Fixed a crash on attempting to import meshes containing large static shapes.

Changes for release 5.08

Support for large shapes

The exporter now supports the placement of shapes larger than PathEngine's query shape range constraint.
These shapes will automatically be stored with exported meshes as 'large static obstacles'.

Base obstacle error reports

A bug has been fixed where the name of the objects corresponding to base obstacles were not being passed through for error reports.

Changes for release 5.07

Content processing bug fixes

A bug has been fixed where Z was being ignored when resolving matches for edge to edge connections (in the 2D content processing).

Other changes

The edge to edge connection feature in PathEngine's 2D content processing now permits the edge connection case where the vertices across the connection match exactly (i.e. with no bridging faces generated).

Changes for release 5.06

Content processing bug fixes

This release fixes several hard to repeat bugs in the content processing, specifically relating to building portal connections.

Portal and anchor resolution to terrain

Non terrain portal markers and anchors will no longer resolve to geometry marked as terrain stand-in (terrain layer 0).

Changelog starts with SDK release 5.06.