PathEngine is a privately held company located in Lyon, France.


PathEngine's ethos evolved out of a tradition of successful in-house and contract solutions. We use a middleware business model to solve problems that are hard to solve in the context of in-house or contract work.
In fact, the PathEngine SDK is designed from the ground up to solve problems that all-too-often only become clear late in the development process. To do this requires something of a leap in the sophistication and quality of the pathfinding techniques used.
The middleware business model enabled us to make this leap and ensures that we can continue to drive the quality of our solution forwards.


PathEngine builds on the experience of it's founder, Thomas Young (personal blog), from over 10 years in the computer games industry. Prior to founding PathEngine, Thomas worked on the following titles:

  • Fatal Racing 2 (racing game), PC, Gremlin Interactive
  • Reloaded (third person arcade action), PC & Playstation, Gremlin Interactive (review)
  • Hogs of War, PC & Playstation, Gremlin Interactive
  • Soulbringer (epic RPG), PC, Infogrames Sheffield (review)
  • Men in Black 2 (first person shooter), Playstation, Infogrames Sheffield
  • Outcast 2 (action adventure), PC & PS2, Appeal


Structure and administrative information

PathEngine is registered as a french SARL, with capital of 40000 euros.
SIRET RCS LYON 487 434 771 00019

Games currently using the SDK

In addition to the titles worked on previously listed here, see also the list of games currently using the SDK, on this page.

Contact details

Contact details are on this page.