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Start caching information from rendering calls for drawing later through a render preprocess object.


void startGeneratingPreprocess();


This method can be used, with a matching call to iTestBed::finishGeneratingPreprocess(), to cache rendering information and GPU resources for a given set of rendering operations.

Direct rendering operations in between startGeneratingPreprocess() and finishGeneratingPreprocess() will not be displayed, but will instead cache information in the resulting cRenderPreprocess.
(Direct rendering operations means rendering operations that do not already operate on or create cRenderPreprocess objects.)

The mechanism does not apply to screen space rendering methods (such as text or splash screen image rendering), or camera or rendering state changes, which are not affected by this mechanism or included in the resulting preprocess object.

startGeneratingPreprocess() should not be called again when preprocess generation is already running, i.e. before the matching finishGeneratingPreprocess() call.

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