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Sets the testbed's current mesh (at a given 'mesh slot').


void setMeshAtSlot(int32_t slot, iMesh* mesh);


slot The slot at which current mesh should be set. Must be greater than or equal to 0.
mesh The mesh to set at this slot.


The testbed has a current mesh which can be set and released.
This mesh will be drawn by iTestBed::drawMesh() and so on.
Positions passed into the testbed must be positions on this mesh.

Note that this method (and the 'mesh slot' mechanism in general) is provided specifically for cases where the current mesh needs to be changed frequently.
In most situations iTestBed::setMesh() and iTestBed::getMesh() should be sufficient.

Using 'mesh slots' then enables the effective current mesh to be changed, without invalidating internal render preprocess. (See iTestBed::setMesh().)

When mesh slots are being used, the current mesh at the currently active slot is then the effective current mesh for rendering.

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