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Version of drawAgentHeading() accepting extra precision.


void drawAgentHeadingWithPrecision(iAgent* agent, int32_t size, int32_t height, float heading, float precisionX, float precisionY);


agent The object will be drawn at this agent's current position.
The agent must be on the currently set mesh.
size Controls the size of the indicator.
height Specifies the height at which to place the indicator. Set this to the same value as was used to draw the agent.
heading The direction of the indicator, in radians, where 0 is the direction of positive Y, and PI/2 is the direction of positive X.
precisionX Extra precision for the x component of the agent's position.
precisionY Extra precision for the y component of the agent's position.


See iTestBed::drawAgentHeading().

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