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Draws a polygonal object to represent an agent on the testbed's current mesh.


void drawAgent(iAgent* agent, int32_t height);


agent The object will be drawn with this agent's shape and at this agent's current position.
The agent must be on the currently set mesh.
height Specifies how tall to make the object.


Agents are drawn as prisms constructed by extruding their collision shape vertically by height.

To draw an agent with a heading indicator, call this method followed by iTestBed::drawAgentHeading() with the same value for height.

If there is no currently set mesh then this function returns with no effect.

The agent will be drawn in the testbed's current colour.

See Also

iTestBed::setColour(), iTestBed::setColourRGB(), iTestBed::drawAgentHeading(), iTestBed::drawShape(), iTestBed::drawAgentsInContext()
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