Welcome to PathEngine, home of the most advanced pathfinding library commercially available.

Go beyond nav-meshes with robust integrated dynamic obstacle management.

PathEngine's sophisticated points-of-visibility core means:

  • A powerful and well-defined motion space description (essentially: augmented navigation meshes for ground management + static and dynamic obstacle detail + automatic expansion by pathfinding agent shape).
  • Paired pathfinding and collision, for efficient and effective reactive behaviours and fundamentally robust movement planning.
  • Fast pathfinding over long distances, with no aliasing.

Commercial clients are invited to request an evaluation.
Full support will be provided during your evaluation.

Students and hobbyists are invited to try out the 'testbed-only' version of the SDK, which can be found on the downloads page.
Source code for the demo is also provided. This is a great way, then, to get started learning about implementing intelligent agent movement.

Extensive documentation is available online, here.

News and Releases

11th June 19 Stronghold: Warlords

Firefly Studios has announced Stronghold: Warlords (a PathEngine licensed title).

2nd May 19 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to Firefly Studios, for a yet to be announced project.

15th February 19 Metro Exodus

Congratulations to 4A Games, on the release of 'Metro: Exodus'!
(PathEngine licensed title, PC, PS4, Xbox One.)

30th November 18 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to B-Alive, for 'Zoo Constructor'.

26th June 18 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to Deck13, for 'The Surge 2'.

16th February 18 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to Fincon, for 'Hello Hero'.

11th October 17 Arktika.1

Congratulations to 4A Games, on the release of 'Arktika.1'!
(PathEngine licensed title, for Oculus touch.)

21st July 17 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to Seasun Games, for 'JX3'.

16th May 17 The Surge

Congratulations to Deck13, on the release of PathEngine licensed title 'The Surge'!

30th March 17 SDK release 6.01

Fix for race condition in iAgent::getPosition().
Fix for leaks in getConnectedRegionForAgent() methods.
Lifetime management helpers and improvements.

10th January 17 Licensing

PathEngine is licensed to 4A Games, for 'Metro: Exodus' (PC, PS4, Xbox One).

19th September 16 SDK release 6.00

Preexpanded obstacle chunks.
Support for an alternative pathfind preprocess type.
Much better lifetime management for API objects.
Interface refactoring.

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