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News and Releases, 2005

22nd November 05 SDK and exporter releases 4_67

Maintenance release.

10th November 05 Press release

PathEngine Announces Full Support for Xbox 360.

19th, 20th October 05 SDK and exporter releases 4_65 and 4_66

Automatic query logging functionality. Support for marking multiple sections in Max.

9th September 05 SDK and exporter release 4_64

Adds support for multi-segment portals at building entrances.

25th August 05 SDK and exporter release 4_63

Content processing bug fixes. Big speedups in ground management and also for collision against large numbers of dynamic obstacles.

8th August 05 SDK release 4_62

Performance improvements for pathfinding with limited scope and extended functionality for 'surface type based regions'.

22nd July 05 SDK release 4_61

Support for early termination of findPathAway queries, various helper methods added, support for constraining to a specific section when converting from 3d to ground positions.

1st July 05 SDK release 4_60

Adds support for 'off-mesh connections'.

21th June 05 SDK release 4_59

Big improvements in preprocess memory footprint and performance improvements across the board.
(benchmark page updated)
Support for collision queries without shape-specific preprocess, for limiting query scope and for query interruption.

10th June 05 SDK and exporter release 4_58

Bugfixes and a significant reduction in preprocess generation times.

20th,30th May 05 SDK releases 4_56, 4_57

Maintenance releases.

16th May 05 SDK and exporter release 4_55

Maintenance release, also improvements in partitioning generation times.

7th May 05 SDK release 4_54

Changes to the internal partitioning provide big performance improvements for certain types of meshes.

13th April 05 SDK and exporter release 4_53

Introduces a subtle change to the underlying 'mesh model', removes constraints on 'burnt in' obstacles and adds significant content processing functionality.

31st March 05 SDK and exporter release 4_52

Introduction of an improved mesh format, changes to the content processing functionality and mesh optimisation added to the exporter.

10th March 05 SDK and exporter release 4_33

Support for accessing information about the underlying 3d mesh, including ground normal.
Support for filtering out steep faces in the exporter.

4th March 05 SDK release 4_32

Multithreading bug fixes. Support for drawing paths and lines on the ground outside of the testbed.

January, February 05 SDK releases up to 4_31

Maintenance releases for the exporter and SDK. Support added for scaling in the exporter.

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