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News and Releases, 2004

15th December 04 SDK Release 4_27

Adds support for 'soft obstacles' (obstacles with cost to traverse) and also for setting traversal costs directly against regions on the base mesh.

25th November 04 Exporter version 4_26.1 released

Powerful new functionality for automatic connection of independant sub-objects into a single seamless ground mesh.

3rd November 04 SDK Release 4_26

PathEngine is now completely threadsafe, and some important guarantees with respect to blocking between threads have been added.

20th October 04 SDK Release 4_25

PathEngine gets leaner and meaner, with drastic reductions in memory footprint and significant performance improvements for pathfinding against dynamic obstacles.

1st,3rd September 04 SDK Releases 4_23,4_24

Maintenance releases for bug fixes in curved path generation. Some minor API changes.

30th July 04 SDK Release 4_22

Methods added for saving and loading mesh related preprocess to and from persistence.

28th July 04 Demo source released

Refer to this page for information about the playable demo.
Some documentation for the source code is in the documentation.

28th June 04 SDK Release 4_21

A maintenance release. Minor bug fixes. Some significant speed ups in mesh loading.

24th June 04 Playable demo released

Refer to The PathEngine playable demo for information about the demo.

24th June 04 SDK Release 4_20, Exporter versions 4_20.0

A maintenance release, including a bug fix in shape validation.

6th June 04 SDK Release 4_19

Support added for external representation of terrain heightfields.

18th May 04 SDK Release 4_18

Significant performance improvements in the findClosestUnobstructedPoint() queries.

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