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Shuts down the 3D content processing explicitly (static and Linux .so linkage).


This function is defined in 'SDKRoot/interface/PathEngine_DirectLinkage.h', (included in the source code archives), as follows:
extern "C"
	void PathEngine_ShutDownCP3D();


This function is provided to enable explicit SDK shutdown to be requested, in the case of either direct linkage to PathEngine as a set of static libraries, or Linux shared object linkage.
In the case of DLL linkage this method is not available, and the SDK can instead be shutdown when desired by unloading the PathEngine dll.

The host OS will generally take care of cleaning up all allocated resources on process completion, and so it is not normally necessary to call this method.
(See PathEngine_ShutDown.)

The 3D content processing must be shut down before any call to PathEngine_ShutDown.

This function should only be called when the 3D processing has been initialised (with PathEngine_InitialiseCP3DAndObtainInterface) and not already shut down.

This function must be called from the main thread.

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